*** Andy Steere's P-47 ***

(as of January 2002)

It is now January of 2002. The building on the aircraft is completed, the glass and paint applied, and it is ready to clear-coat.

Several things have been completed since October:

  • Control surfaces had horn-mounting blocks installed and leading edges shaped.
  • Flaps were built according to the plans.
  • More sanding....
  • 3/4-ounce fiberglass was applied to the whole model with Varathane.
  • Even more sanding...
  • Panel lines were installed (applied chartpak tape, then more varathane, then sand, and remove tape), on the cowl too.
  • Holes were drilled for Robart Point hinges all around.
  • Primed with Krylon White Sandable Primer (from a spray can).
  • Imperfections found after priming meant more sanding, some filling with thinned bondo spot-putty (and more varathane in places), then MORE SANDING.
  • Researched paint-scheme, choose "dark green over medium-sea-gray camo, with natural metal undersurfaces" from the 56th Fighter Group.
  • Painted camouflage with Sherwin-Williams "Super-Paint" Flat Exterior Latex,thinned with XIM Latex Extender, using a Walcom-STM HVLP spray gun.
  • Used Sherwin-William's "Red-Door" exterior latex for the front of the cowl and for tail's control-surfaces. (Easy to see in the air, fairly scale, won't be quite as shiny under the clearcoat)
  • After trying several options on test-panels, painted "natural metal" undersurface with Sherwin-Williams Aluminum Marine-Enamel thinned with Chevron Perfect Thinner (made the metal "leaf" better).
  • Some weathering of the panel-lines and gun-ports by hand (way-thinned black latex with a drop of red and a 10/0-sized brush, I will darken the recessed lines a tad more with a #2 pencil).
  • Made reasonably scale-looking machine-gun blast-tubes out of 1/4" aluminum tubing (I will paint the inside flat black).
  • Applied "Invasion Stripes" to bottom of wing and fuse (only on the bottom for ease of visual-orientation during flight, but it is also scale).
  • Applied "Stars and Bars" decals. Using the supplied decals on the fuse, but larger Major Decals versions on the wing.

  • Hours and countless hours spent making sure the model still had enough defects in the finish that it looked like a combat-proven warbird. (grin)
  • Several things left to be completed:

  • sanding... oh, check that... been there, done that enough!
  • feather a repair I made to the paint on the fuse when the first white stripe got out of its bounds.
  • Fix a spot on the cowl that is bothering my son, but doesn't bother me. (the transition between dark-green and metal, not the white spot, which is just a temporary un-painted nylon screw)
  • Some more work on the black paint on the dummy-radial (Model Masters Enamel)... to catch the overspray that my masking missed.
  • Clear-coating; a two-part automotive-clearcoat (Dupont ChromaClear) will be shot by a professional (Dan Stelljes, of Ashland Missouri)
  • Install control-surfaces, engine, and radio gear (just like an ARF!)
  • Range-test until I'm blue in the face! (need to run a few tanks through it to start the break-in process anyway...)
  • Probably replace the FM/PPM receiver with a PCM version, then range-test some more.
  • GO FLY!

    I am happy enough with how it is looking that I am currently considering adding rivets (dry-transfer type, from Pro-Mark). Only problem is... there are over 30,000 rivets on the real plane!

    Click on the number below each image for a larger version of the picture (larger number, larger version of the picture)

    1600 / 1024 / 640 - Front shot

    1600 / 1024 / 640 - slots are for LED voltmeters

    1600 / 1024 / 640 - Will feather paint repair...

    1600 / 1024 / 640 - The flash is harsh!

    1600 / 1024 / 640 - Top of wing

    1600 / 1024 / 640 - Flaps not installed

    1600 / 1024 / 640 - Wing bottom, no ailerons/flaps

    1600 / 1024 / 640 - 1/4" tubing, will blacken inside

    1600 / 1024 / 640 - 13.8x10 4B looks 2 small on plane

    1600 / 1024 / 640 - Clearcoat TestPanel, ok but not FLAT

    1600 / 1024 / 640 - Servo tray, goes behind cockpit

    1600 / 1024 / 640 - Retract system, fits in original space

    1600 / 1024 / 640 - ReliaSwitch from www.fromeco.com...

    1600 / 1024 / 640 - on both rx/ign, mounts inside fuse.

    1600 / 1024 / 640 - LED Voltmeter, mounts inside fuse

    1600 / 1024 / 640 - Cut clear Lego-block, flush in slots

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