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The SR-71 Blackbird Project has been pretty much finished. I've a few small things I'm still adding to get it fully decked out the way I would like it, but I've been enjoying flying it for the last several years now.
If you want to take a look at the build blog, take a look here:
SR-71 Blackbird ** Updated 3/26/15 **



2009 travels will take us to St. Louis, Kentucky Jets, Cincinnati, OH, Minnesota, and Rte 66, in Litchfield, IL

2008 Show's and Jet Events

I've decided to condense the travel updates a bit. Now you can go here and see a page with all the 2008 show photos and what we've been up to.


Old Travels

What's that? You're sniffing around for the travel pages of years past? Don't put me in the doghouse for taking them off the front page. Just go over to the Years Past Travel Page and dig them up there.

The Movie Page

Take a look some F-15 Movies, on the Movie Page.


Sratch built SR-71 Blackbird ** Updated 3/26/15 **

F-15 Eagle Yellow Aircraft SR-71 Blackbird Byrons F-20

BVM Aggressor II Parkinson Regal Eagle F-15 Waco YMF-3

and if you're truly desperate for entertainment:

The Early Days

The Shop is now done. Take a look and see what this oddball picture tuned out to be.

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